green enviroment

Development of ecological awareness at work

By implementing Human Resources practices that promote the skills, motivation and capabilities of the staff, it is possible to release the creativity and innovation necessary for the development of new and better products that promote environmental efficiency, whose purpose is to achieve the goals established by the organization, based on the principles of environmental social responsibility .

More sustainable work environments

The Human Resources  department must promote the use of furniture, electrical equipment and sustainable spaces, to promote a green culture within the facilities; In this way, ecological awareness acquires importance and, in turn, is contagious.

Use of inputs and energy efficiency

In the case of offices, by promoting the reduction in the use of paper and basic services such as electricity, it encourages the company’s collaborators to adopt a more responsible behavior with the environment.

Implement pro-recycling actions

woman revieced a plant from our planet

Employees spend a large part of their lives in their workplaces, which is why the Human Resources department should encourage the separation of certain recyclable items such as:

  • organic food scraps
  • Plastics from food containers.
  • Beverage cans.
  • All kinds of paper and cardboard.

Sustainability Training

 The Human Resources department must also implement training programs to maximize the awareness of workers in relation to environmental problems that harm the company. Thus promoting intelligent decision-making where resources are protected and sustainable actions are established.


Performance evaluations can include sustainability actions and reward those who meet or promote them within their objectives and work teams. Thus promoting a model of “green goals” among employees.

More sustainable retirements and layoffs

Today most companies are faced with retirements of experienced and valuable personnel. A sustainable option could be a new job offer after retirement, including health services and other benefits so that these talents continue to be part of the company.

All these actions must be promoted by the Human Resources department, in order to be implemented as constructive practices that encourage workers to preserve the environment. In addition, they can be a powerful element to increase and consolidate the added value of the company.

Importance of Human Resources in raising environmental awareness

The Human Resources department must encourage the sustainable management of the company, being essential to promote the concept of sustainable company and demonstrate it, clarifying any doubts or concerns about it.

All the departments of the company must respect the guidelines of the Human Resources office regarding ecological awareness and publicize the values ​​it brings to the organization.

Before adopting the environmental commitment, a company must have covered certain basic requirements, such as compliance with the legislation, as well as having the incorporation of the management systems of the Human Resources department that imply a spirit of improvement through continuous improvement and action planning, which establish objectives of ecological awareness .

Markets generally value positively the approaches to corporate governance and business organizations where management is carried out in solidarity and committed to the environment. In the same way, many companies consider the ecological awareness efforts implemented by Human Resources as a key factor to promote the birth of new markets whose purpose is economic recovery.

Benefits for the company

In addition to helping the environment and the society in which they operate, the benefits of companies that commit to sustainability also reduce their business costs. It is true that creating a green organization requires an initial investment, but integrating sustainable practices over time will improve the efficiency of operations and reduce costs over time.

The Human Resources department through the promotion and use of sustainable technology, companies can adopt renewable energy. Most items that must be procured have a long life, so if it takes an average of five years for an organization to break even, they still have a good year to see a return on their investment.

On the other hand, another of the great benefits is the improvement of the company’s image, because people value the contribution to the environment, to sustainability. The image offered to others is that profit is a contribution to the environment, not just profit.

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